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A comfy everyday outfit

These last 18 months I have been through a lot of change: the pandemic of course, but also my pregnancy and adapting to having a baby around again!

I have been trying to figure out my new normal, in particular with regards to my wardrobe. At one year postpartum, I am still unable to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I think at this point, unless I start exercising regularly again, I never will. I actually do miss my gym sessions (I was going 3 times a week) but it's just not a priority right now for me.

Pre-pregnancy and pre-pandemic, I used to have two outfits that I basically wore different variations of. If I was at home, jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt. And if I was going to work (I work part time as a chartered accountant), I wore jeans with a shirt and waistcoat (plus a tie if I was feeling fancy).

Now though? I only have one pair of jeans that actually fits and they are not all that comfy. The waistband digs in a bit. And although I am still working part time as an accountant, I am working from home - I don't really need to look that smart anymore.

I've found this kind of outfit is what I am gravitating towards right now. Relaxed, easy fit trousers (with elastic waistbands) are basically secret pyjamas and are super comfortable to wear. But because they are made from linen they feel special and nice to wear. These are the Fremantle pants by Elbe Textiles in size D.

And a shirt that can be worn untucked - this is the Archer button up pattern by Grainline Studios that I have made multiple times. For this one I modified the collar to make it a button down style.

I want to wear variations of this outfit over and over! I feel great - casual and comfy but also it feels special and like I'm making an effort. Hopefully I can find time to make a few more variations!

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