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Acorn Vest

I found the perfect pattern to use my acorn-dyed fabric - the Forager vest from Sew Liberated.

I've spent the last week sewing mine, which henceforth shall be known as my acorn vest 😊

The fabric is from a secondhand linen duvet cover I bought from The Good Stitch Goring that was originally white.

I usually find it hard to source secondhand linen so I snapped this up straightaway, and it's been perfect for my dye experiments. The fabric I used for my vest was dyed using acorns (from the tree behind me) with an iron modifier.  The acorns turn fabric brown, then the iron makes it darker and greyer.

For the pattern I took off a few inches in length as I didn't want it too long and played around with the pocket placement a bit. I wanted to keep the giant pockets from the original design (perfect for filling up with acorns next year 😁)

And I wanted to give it an extra embellishment so I added a tiny acorn at the back above the box pleat.

I wanted to sew the fabric into something appropriately autumnal, which wouldn't need to washed too often, and I think this fits the bill perfectly.

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