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Autumn = waistcoats!

After endless months of a hot and dry summer the season is finally turning and I'm so ready to start wearing layers again.

I decided to finish sewing this wool waistcoat. I cut the pieces out a while back, but it reached a point at the start of summer where I didn't want to sew with wool anymore, let alone wear it so I put the project on hold.

But I picked it up again recently and it was a relatively quick sew project to finish.

Pattern is my usual favourite, the Belvedere waistcoat by Thread Theory Designs. Wool and lining is from Craft & Thrift (sadly no longer trading). The wool is the same I made my blazer out of from back in the spring, that I have yet to wear.

I added patch pockets rather than welt, as the thick wool can make welt pockets a bit tricky. And omitting the welt pockets meant it did sew together a lot faster.

As soon as I put it on I felt great, better than I'd felt all summer. I'd really lost all joy in getting dressed in the heat, because I was just dressing to stay cool rather than what felt good.

Waistcoats just seem to do a really great job of smoothing and flattening everything to my liking.

Next I want to start making some more machine washable waistcoats, which means moving away from wool, perhaps in linen or corduroy instead. Having a two year old means I get covered in toddler residue on a regular basis and so I tend to save waistcoats for best, or at least days when they are in nursery. So it would be good to have some more everyday versions!

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