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Blazer fitting fun

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I don't normally make a muslin or first draft when sewing, it feels like a waste of time and material usually. But I decidd it was probably worth it when sewing a blazer to check I was happy with the fit first, before cutting up the not inexpensive wool fabric.

I had an old navy bed sheet that had become faded in the sun, so I used that.

I cut out a size 12 to start with based on my measurements, and I think it turned out to be just the right size.

I did make a couple of tweaks to the pattern. Firstly I changed the shape of the lapels to be more peaked. I felt this would create a more androgynous style for the blazer.

And secondly I made the front a lot boxier, rather than the semi-fitted original style. This was done by just straightening the side seams and minimising the depth of the darts.

Luckily the Closet Core Patterns website gives you tips to make all these adjustments so I didn't find it too tricky.

I have one more adjustment I want to make, and that is to reduce the length in the body and arms by 1 inch.

Then next step is to cut out the fabric!

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