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Breeze Shirt

It was the perfect weekend to wear my new Breeze shirt, hot off the sewing machine, and made with the results of my nettle-dyed linen fabric experiments.

I read that nettles can dye fabric grey-green, though I found I achieved more of a stoney-grey which I do rather like. I only had odd shaped pieces of fabric, so each sleeve is made from two pieces rather than one, and the back is made from three pieces rather than one. I did the reverse-facing option because it seemed like a good way to add interest without being any extra work.

In our Twig&Tale storytellers group this month's prompt is 'explore' and I instantly thought about my shirt making. When I first started sewing, I really only wanted to replicate the clothing I saw in the 'mens' section of shops because they didn't fit me right. But the more years I sew, the more I want to explore different styles and fabrics and techniques, and the more inspired I am to create clothing that isn't just a replication, but is unique, that you won't find in the shops, that feels just right for me. My style is constantly evolving as a result, and me along with it.

Happy Sunday folks xxx

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