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Took my cup of tea out to the garden today to do some drawing in the sunshine while my little one had their afternoon nap.

We've been our house just over two years, but up until now i haven't really been paying much attention to the garden or what flowers are growing. I've been too preoccupied. This year though - I'm trying to take things at a slower pace. Look around, pay more attention.

Spring flowers have begun blooming in abundance. Snowdrops under the oak tree, and crocuses (the focus of today's drawing) under the apple tree.

When I first sat down and begun to draw, it was sunny and the crocus flowers were fully open, however as the sky clouded over I watched the flowers close up before my eyes.

As well as my cup of tea, I also grabbed my sketchbook, pencil case, and mat.

The mat I made recently from leftover remnants from other projects. It has a layer of wadding and waterproofing sandwiched between a wool upper, and an oilcloth lower.

I'm hoping to do a lot more plein air drawing in the future, even if it's only in the garden. So I've been working on putting together an easy plein air art kit I can just grab and go, to make it easy when the opportunity arises.

I love being outside. It resets my soul. Plus I discovered I have a vit D deficiency recently so I need all the sunshine on my face I can get!

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