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Everyday exploration

Small, everyday acts of exploration bringing me joy; finding a new patch of nettles growing in the garden to observe, draw, and ponder. Reading about the history of nettles. Being amazed by the multitude of uses! Deciding to make nettle dye and experimenting with scraps of linen and obtaining a range of subtle peaceful greys. Wondering what other colours I could create and what shapes I could sew. Hoping there is enough fabric here for a simple shirt (I think so). Feeling a connection between my art and textiles and the earth that makes me feel calm and grounded.

When I was younger, exploring meant having grand adventures and travelling to new places. Now I'm older, I've realised the possibility of exploration instead exists in every small act we do, if only we are open to it.

(I used this book by Rebecca Desnos as my natural dye guide - I thoroughly recommend her book and IG feed for getting started in natural dyeing. I'm already collecting avocado and onion skins for my next colour explorations!)

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