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Hello 2023

Hello to 2023. My last make of 2022 was this orange wool quilted vest made using the free Purl Soho QuiltedVest pattern and I think it turned out pretty neat. (I made size small and took off 5 inches in length.)

2022 was a tough year to be honest in which I often felt I was being overwhelmed and swept away - but simple projects and crafts, playful explorations of colour and nature and texture have been my anchor.

And this introvert has unexpectedly found much solace in creating with others - thanks to Art in Practice and Blossom lgbt for organising some amazing community art sessions I've loved being part of. And thanks to Twig & tale for inviting me to be part of the Storytellers community in 2022 which inspired many of my sewing projects last year.

2022 was also a year of a few personal milestones as well; I turned 40 in July, and in November I passed one year on testosterone, neither of which I've really had a chance to process or reflect on yet.

My hopes for 2023 - attempting to both survive and find ways to slow down this precious life which seems to fly past at ever increasing speeds.

May 2023 be gentle with you all my friends xxx

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