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Some lovely textures on my table 🥰

In our Twig and tale storytellers community this month we are talking about intentions, and I began thinking about the difference between intentions and goals. I've always been very goal oriented in my life. And it feels great when you achieve them but not so great when you don't. But an intention can be more flexible and forgiving, and is more like setting the guidelines and values you want to live your life by than a tick box list.

So while I've set no goals for this year, I have begun to think about my intentions.

My top three; consider the environmental impact of my creative practices, embrace and consider more texture in my wardrobe, and finally, make sure my art and sewing feels fun and not a chore.

So I've been making an effort to either use fabrics I already own, or purchase from deadstock suppliers (thank you Craft and thrift and The Good Stitch Goring) and have collated this beautiful stack I'm looking forward to playing with. 😊

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