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Linen love

Linen is fast becoming one of my favourite fabrics to sew with. Plenty of eco-friendly credentials, doesn’t need ironing to look good (imho!) and I love the way it changes and gains character as it ages (relatable 😆). The trousers and shirt I'm wearing here are actually made from the same fabric. But I made the trousers back in September last year and have worn and washed them on repeat, causing the colour to fade considerably. Whereas, I have only just finished sewing the shirt, which has been waiting months for me to add buttons and buttonholes. I never thought I'd wear the two together but thanks to the faded colour of the trousers, now I think they compliment each other well. I'm interested to see how long the colour differential lasts! The trousers are the Fremantle pants by Elbe Textiles and the shirt is an Archer button up by Grainline Studio with a modified, widened one piece collar (was aiming for an arty smock look!)

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