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Mini pouffe

My first sewing project completed using my vintage Singer machine: a mini pouffe 😊

I used the Closet Core Pouf pattern and scaled down 50%, then added back a few inches in height. I think it turned out pretty cute compared to my full size one.

This was a nice, low stakes project to test the capability of the machine. It did really well at sewing through all the thick layers. But I definitely found it hard sewing precisely with just my left hand (my right hand being occupied by turning the handcrank) so it's not my neatest work. But I think I would get the hang of it eventually.

These are filled with sewing scraps as well as old, damaged and worn out clothes that aren't suitable for mending or donation.

I'm planning on eventually making a whole bunch of these for my kids to play with in different sizes. The big one is a bit heavy but the smaller one can be rolled around easily.

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