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New years's pants

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

I made some new underpants 😋

And apparently I haven't shared a photo of me in my underwear since March so here we go. Let's get one more in before the new year. 😉🤣

These are made using the Comox Trunks pattern by Thread Theory Designs, size 34, with no mods except to create a flatter front. Fabric is my own space hexagons design on sports lycra from Spoonflower.

Now at 18mths postpartum,  my body still continues to subtly change, which is fine - except now I have lots of clothes that are too big and lots that are too small, not much in the middle, not sure which ones to hold on to, and still no time to sew new ones. 🤦

Still, undies are fairly quick to sew up so I would like to be able to make another batch soon.

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