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Patchwork sleeveless shirt

Having fun with patchwork! 🌈🪡🧵 This time branching out into a garment. Just finished this sleeveless shirt in time for some glorious weather.

I approached making this shirt a bit like I do when making art - I didn't really plan it or know what I was going to end up with. I just played and experimented, and added and took away until it I liked the result. And I'm not sure it's really finished yet (I might shorten it) but I'm leaving it for now, to live with it a while. It certainly brings me joy to wear.

I used the Grainline Archer pattern as my basic block but modified the collar, neckline, buttonband, sleeves, armscye etc. It's gratifying to realise your sewing skills have improved to the point where you see sewing patterns as starting points to jump off from, rather than strict instructions to be followed to the letter 😊

Happy sunday friends,  I wish you all warmth and peace.

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