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Restoring a vintage Singer 99k sewing machine

Something I've been working on recently.  I have become the custodian of this lovely Singer 99k hand crank sewing machine, made in Scotland in 1918.

It belonged to an old friend who passed away last year. We believe it originally belonged to his mother. It's been sat unused for decades; it had completely seized up and has some rust damage. But I decided to get it running again. I had to take it all apart, clean and oil it, then put it back together and finally I got the parts moving once more. Then I realised I had to reset the timing of the oscillating hook to actually form the stitch (I had no idea what that meant two weeks ago) and bingo, it's sewing!

I have been finding it very rewarding to watch the 100 year old mechanisms in motion. (The videos show the first time I sewed with it plus the first time I got it all moving again with the faceplate off.)

Will I use it over my modern Brother machines? Who's to say. But as a meditative focus for my grief it has felt like a valuable endeavour.

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