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Reversible linen vest

I sewed together this simple, reversible, vest recently for some lightweight, easy spring layering. Isn't reversible clothing a great idea. Twice the number of pockets and looks. I used simple leather ties for fastening from either side.

The pattern is a hacked Purl Soho Quilted vest. I changed the neckline and added a collar, which can be folded up or down. And no quilting or even interfacing as I wanted a lighter garment.

The brown side is acorn-dyed linen. And the reverse side is ramie that was originally brown but I overdyed it with blue Dylon, and it made this amazing steel blue gray colour. I find the colours you get from synthetic dyes like Dylon come out a bit strong on white fabrics, but if you use a brown or grey fabric as a base instead you can get some nice shades.

Happy weekend friends x

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