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Riley Crossover Bra

New swimwear! Haven't been swimming in over two years but hoping to be able to get back into the pool and the sea this summer.

I used to wear a binder to swim in but I'm just not finding them very comfortable at the moment and can't wear them for longer periods at all. So I was looking for something super comfortable but still supportive with lots of coverage.

I made a new swim top using the Riley crossover bra pattern (size M larger cup version). I made a few tweaks including raising height of the arm holes to prevent boob spillage there, and increasing the amount of crossover to maximise support and coverage. I'm happy with it although its not perfect. I have a love/hate relationship with knit fabrics and elastic. I love how forgiving it is for fitting but it is a right pain to sew. This one is fully lined so at least all my messy seams are covered up.

The shorts I already made at the start of the year, I designed them as longer length boxers to keep me warm in winter and also double up as bonus swimwear in the summer.

Lining (just peaking out)  Good Fabric

Have a great Sunday folks x

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