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Sewing Plans 2021

My sewing plans for this year! After 7 months of not sewing much at all, I find I'm now brimming full of ideas.

Since having my baby seven months ago, my proportions have changed considerably. My chest, waist and hip measurement have all increased by around 5-8 inches. For example my bust measurement has gone from 32" to 40".

While it is unfortunate that many of my old clothes from pre-pregnancy do not fit, I try my best to remain emotionally neutral about weight-loss or weight-gain and instead just see this as an opportunity and excuse to make more clothes!

I did make a lot of clothes during my pregnancy which I was able to continue wearing postpartum, but I decided it was time to start honouring my new body shape with some brand new clothes.

Drawing my plans out has helped me focus on exactly what I want to make so I can hit the ground running (although clearly I did start getting carried away with stars and rainbows here).

I've stuck to two outfits which I think is a reasonable expectation of how much I'll be able to make this year. But if I only manage 50% that's fine too.

My overall aim is to create a small capsule wardrobe of the sartorial dapper variety; two shirts, two waistcoats, two pairs of trousers and a blazer.

Outfit 1 is inspired by men's fashion from the 50's - I recently watched the 'Singin' in the rain' movie as well as the 'Hollywood' series on Netflix and was seriously coveting the high waisted, wide leg, pleated trousers often worn by the men in the 50's. So I've decided to go for the Portobello trousers as a close approximation. Plus coordinating shirt and waistcoat (would love yellow if I can find the fabric!).

Outfit 2 is a casual three piece suit. I wanted to try another style of trousers, this time with a slimmer leg and I thought the the Calyer pants looked good. Also bonus points for the elastic waistband.

And for my first ever blazer I'm going to go for the Jasika blazer. It seems the obvious choice for a more gender neutral style although I will probably make it less fitted at the waist. I will probably make the blazer last of all. Plus, another coordinating shirt and waistcoat!

I'm really looking forward to picking fabrics and then getting started!

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