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Skjoldehamn hood

I kept seeing references to bog coats and bog dresses and it intrigued me as it didn't seem like a particularly nice name for a sewing pattern. Some research led me to believe the inspiration may well be the simple clothing found on the bodies often discovered preserved in peat bogs in Northern Europe.  Due to the acidic conditions of the bog,  protein-based fabrics (wool or leather) can be well preserved for centuries. The garments tend to be simple,  zero waste designs, presumably as fabric was precious and clothing was handed down.

While I was reading, this design in particular caught my eye and I decided to make one. It's known as the Skjoldehamn hood, the original was found on a body in a peat bog in Skjoldehamn, Norway and potentially dates back to the 11th century.

Its a simple design, made just from rectangles and squares of fabric. I just guessed a bit at the measurements. I've made mine from linen and finished it with some embroidered details on the front. It's a simple but interesting design and with a few tweaks I hope to make another in wool one day.

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