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Some February sewing

I always think having a two year old means I don't have much time for making. But I've made three new garments this past month as well as various bits and pieces of new art and design. So surprisingly, I guess I must have some time after all. And would I even want to be creating at a faster rate anyway? Perhaps it's a good thing that my children force me to slow down a bit.

And it helps that all these garments were are simple patterns I have made before, which certainly does speed things up.

I loved the last version I made and have worn it non-stop, so wanted to make another one, with a few improvements. This time I made a size S and graded to an XS size at the shoulders for a better fit as I have quite narrow shoulders). And I took 3 inches off the original length.

I spent a bit of time lining up the diagonal quilting lines too so they matched on each side.

And finally I added small hook and eye closures to keep the vest closed.

Fabric is grey linen from Merchant & Mills.

Another favourite pattern of mine, I have several of these now and wear them daily. They are like my uniform. This one I made from a secondhand linen bedsheet from The Good Stitch and then dyed the whole thing with Dylon dye (remembering to use cotton thread when sewing rather than polyester, which does not take dye).

Probably should have ironed it before photos but I really only use a iron when I'm pressing seams open or going to a wedding!

I cut a size D, graded out to size H at the chest, and then in to size E at the bottom hem. Which basically was to adjust to fit my rectangle-shaped body - narrow shoulders, a bit more space in the chest area, then straight down to my hips.

I made these previously in linen and wanted to try another pair in a more structured fabric. I got this denin remnant from The Good Stitch and it was the perfect length.

I cut a size 12 and removed 2 inches in length. I didn't like the waistband and pockets from the original pattern. So I replaced them with the waistband from the Fernway culottes and the pockets from the Fremantle pants, and I think it all worked splendidly. The heavier fabric really shows off the balloon shape of the leg well.

I do have a few more garments in the pipeline (and I've got some fabrics set aside in my stash) but I'm not in a rush to get started. I'm actually finding I have plenty in my wardrobe to keep me going these days. Over the last 3-4 years my body shape changed dramatically due to my pregnancy and I struggled to keep up with sewing clothes that fit. But my body has been fairly unchanging for a while now, and the urgency to sew clothes has gone. Instead I'm finding I'm more interesting in finding uses for all my older sewing makes and scraps.

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