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Some Fremantle Pants

So my overall goal in sewing is to be able to make my own three piece suits. I feel I've made good progress on shirts and waistcoats, so next on my list is trousers.

This year I've decided to make a range of different trousers, from formal to casual, to get a feel for different construction methods and how different styles fit me.

I found the Portobello trousers quite tricky to fit, so I decided for my next pair to try a more relaxed fit.

I opted to try the Fremantle pants pattern by Elbe Textiles.

Based in my measurements I made a size E, view B, with no size modifications (although I did make the pockets a bit bigger). It's a fairly roomy fit, I think I could easily go down a size.

I omitted the drawstring waistband but I kind of wish I'd put one in. In top-stitching the waistband the elastic became a bit stretched out and looser than I would have liked.

I made them out of an orange linen I got off ebay. I made the pockets entirely out of the linen too so I didn't need to worry about separate pocket facings.

They are super comfortable to wear. I think they will get a lot of use and will definitely be making more!

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