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Sunny Hat

Attempting to keep cool in natural fibres. Made a new hat - I'm a bit of a shade lover and stay covered from the sun if I can. This is the sunny hat by Twig andtale which is a great free pattern for adults and kids. I used scraps of linen in cream and dark grey. After sewing I painted stripes on the lighter side with milk, then a few days later, dyed it with avocado skins. It created those subtle lines you can see (something to do with the protein in the milk I think, helps the dye bind.)

Our Twig&Tale storytellers theme this month is 'document' and I realised I haven't been documenting life much at all recently. Not many photos, not many notes, not even doodles in my sketchbook. Life has a few difficult parts to it at the moment which is affecting things I think. Also I can't find my tripod anywhere, hence the handheld selfies.

I've still been sewing though. And I really liked an idea I read that actually a garment can be a document in itself. Something that represents a thought, absorbs a memory, records a process, is made with a purpose. Maybe that's enough documenting for me right now.

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