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The year of the blazer

After deciding 2022 would be the year of no plans or expectations - I decided actually a nice big challenging project might be just what I need right now, to get my brain fired up and hopefully help work my way out of this depressive slump I've been in lately.

I wanted to make a blazer-style jacket last year, something I've never sewn before. I bought the pattern, fabric and everything, then just couldn't find the motivation to get started. Now the new year is here though I feel like giving it a go.

I've decided upon the Jasika blazer by Closet Core Patterns but I'm going to modify the style a bit, by mashing it together with a pattern from a book I got last year called "The Gentleman's Wardrobe".  So it's going to be boxier and less fitted in the waist and chest, and with slightly different lapels, but hopefully still fit well across the shoulders.

I know it will be tricky, there's lots of pattern pieces to deal with, but I'm not putting any pressure on myself just going to take my time, slow and steady.

I will be using this lovely wool fabric from Craft and thrift for the final jacket.

(Maybe just maybe I'll make a matching waistcoat and trousers too but let's get the jacket made first 🙃 )

Happy new year to you all xxx

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