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Tie back boots #2 - a sew along

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Decided I would document the making of my second pair of tie back boots because they really are more simple to make than they look. This pair are for my eldest child who is nine. He choose his own colours for the leaf applique!

First step is to cut the pieces out and apply are applique or embroidery.

Then next is to sew the outer boot pieces together. There are three pieces: the sole, the toe, and the heel.

I have used offcuts of leather for the soles. I bought these as a bag of scraps from a furniture maker on Etsy.

A few tips for working with leather:

  1. Use a leather needle

  2. Use clips rather than pins

  3. Go slowly

  4. Use a longer stitch length (I use 3.5)

Repeat for the lining pieces.

Then sew the outer and lining together at the sole, to keep them from coming apart when worn.

Turn the boot right side out. Fold down the top edges to hide the raw edges and top stitch to keep in place.

Add the ties, and they are done.

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