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Tie-back boots #3 -an imperfectly perfect pair

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

My third pair of tie-back boots in as many weeks! This time: a pair for me (the first pair are here, the second are here.)

You would think I'd be an expert at these by now but I made a fitting error while making these. Can you tell? I didn't do a proper mock up and found the boots were too tight the top around my calfs. I pondered what to do, as by then I'd already embroidered the leaf design on each side. Rather than start again completely, I sewed on an additional triangular piece at the back of each boot to give more room. I catch-stitched down all the inner seams to make sure it all was nice and flat. Then finished it off with an embroidered star on the back of each one to make a feature of the extra panel. 

It can be hard to know what it is worth perfecting, and what is worth accepting, when it comes to mistakes, but I think I made the right call this time. My boots are imperfectly perfect.

(My kids now want stars on the back of their's too 😆)

Fabric - boiled wool from The Good Stitch Goring

Pattern - Tie back boots from Twig&Tale

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