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Longer length Comox trunks

Recently I've been feeling like I'm living several months behind everyone else. I think it's because we keep having spells of illness in our family - nothing serious but just a constant stream of bugs coming home from school and nursery. And time seems to kind of stops while you're dealing with that - but of course the rest of world continues on without you.

For example; this week I have been feeling randomly christmassy. And, I had wanted to make some longer length underwear for winter, yet now I've made some, I've realised it is well on the way to spring already. Oh well. Pethaps I'm just being really early for next winter.

Anyway, here are my latest make, Comox trunks with extra long legs!

I've made so many of this pattern and it always amazes me how quickly theycome together. Especially as my other current project (Jasika blazer) is more lengthly process.

Besides adding 9inches to the length, I made a few other modifications, which were to flattern the front bulge and remove the opening, and also to add an extra piece of fabric to the gusset to be able to secure reusable menstrual pads.

I've been asked a lot in the past about these two mods, and they are both fairly easy to do.

To remove the bulge, all you need to do is remove the curve from the front piece like in the photo below. Then if you cut it on the fold (right hand side) you can use that as the front panel to attach the legs. You can just double it up if you are worried about transparency.

And to make the boxers suitable for using with resuable pads, I just sew in an extra piece, perpendicular to the existing gusset which runs left to right, as you can see below.

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