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Wayfarer Shoes for my little one

Mornings here are still pretty chilly, so I made some new patchwork slippers for my littlest one (pattern is the Wayfarer shoes from Twig and Tale).

I am a bit of hoarder when it comes to leftover fabric, I hate throwing even tiny pieces away. Sewing my own clothes has made me much more aware of the value of fabric and the resources that go into making it. When I can make something beautiful from scraps like these slippers it makes me happy (and helps reduce my scrap pile mountain just a little bit).

The soles are leather for grip - I bought a bag of leather scraps off Etsy from a sofa manufacturer, which saves the scraps from otherwise going to landfill. I'm still internally debating the ethics of using leather (and wool) in my crafts - I'm not vegan at the moment but I have been in the past (I'm vegetarian currently). Still learning and processing my thoughts on all that, would love to know yours!

So I try to use and recycle what I already own first, and then to buy secondhand and deadstock materials whenever I need to replenish my fabric stash rather than buying new.

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