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World book day & joining the Twig & Tale storytellers team

Usually I end up buying something last minute from the supermarket for World Book Day, but I made sure I had time to make something this year for my eldest.

When they picked Fantastic Mr Fox I was so thrilled! I made a fox-themed Evergreen bonnet and Pathfinder vest (both patterns from Twig & Tale). The blazer was secondhand and everything else already owned.

And from one story to another; this seems like a great time to share that I'm going to be a part of the Twig and Tale storytellers team for 2022. A small community of folk from different backgrounds with a combined love of sewing, sharing our stories, and of course Twig and Tale patterns.

I realised recently, out of all the (too) many arts and crafts I practice, none has really captured my life and journey quite like sewing has. When I look back on the things I have made over the years, it's like looking back through a diary, each garment sewn with love and intention and memories, each piece a crucial stepping stone on the way to finding myself.

I hope the Storytellers community will be a chance to think more deeply about my sewing practise, think about what stories I want to sew next into my garments, and listen and be inspired by the stories of others.

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