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Red onion skin dye

Fabric dyeing with onions!🧅

I'm becoming increasingly interested in how I can incorporate things I'd normally discard, into my creative practices. Kitchen waste, for example.

I used about six months worth of leftover red onion skins to dye some thrifted white linen. The dye seemed initially red but developed into a yellow-green colour. I played around with a few modifiers (soya milk, alum, iron) and got a range of interesting colours. I highly doubt I'd be able to replicate any colours exactly though - as is the way with natural dyes! The colours are really interesting and multi-faceted - totally different to dyeing with synthetic dyes which can be a bit flat. Now to decide what to use the larger pieces of fabric for.

I'm not really interested in becoming an expert at natural dyes or anything, but rather just a desire to make the most of the resources I have at hand.

I have shared my process photos to my story highlights in Instagram if you are interested, and I'm going to start saving for the next batch 😄

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